How an MSP Used DaaS to Overcome a CPA Firm’s Cloud Objections

Managed services provider Simplified Innovations recently won a project with a 65-person CPA firm that affirmed its decision to specialize in selling virtualization solutions to this market. “When we first engaged with the client, it was obvious they were having some pretty serious IT issues,” says Byron Patrick, CPA.CITP, CEO and co-founder of Simplified Innovations. “They had a couple of dated servers they were running and their network design was a mess.”

Making matters even worse, the firm terminated its only IT manager less than one month before its busy tax season was about to begin. “We tried to convince them to get out of the IT business and allow us to help them move their IT infrastructure to the cloud and access their business apps in a hosted desktop environment,” recalls Patrick. “Despite the firm’s predicament, they were skeptical that a young company like ours would be able to pull off such a major IT overhaul, and they were concerned about the performance and availability of accessing their applications remotely.”

Small Steps to the Cloud
The MSP addressed the firm’s concerns by suggesting starting with a step in the hosted direction. “We proposed upgrading one of their servers and leasing two Citrix servers, which would allow us to create a unified desktop environment and to give them some of the features and benefits they would receive from a fully hosted environment while still keeping their servers onsite,” he says. Over of a weekend, Patrick and business partner Daniel Houle were able to implement phase one of the plan, which sustained the CPA firm through its tax season, followed by a move to another office location.

After following up with the client to discuss rolling out the next phase of the network migration, the CPA firm was much more receptive. “They had already been running in a Citrix environment without any problems for over a year, and they were open to seeing how moving to our private cloud data center could offer additional advantages,” says Patrick.

Find out what the CPA firm discovered after moving its DaaS to the cloud by reading  “Take a Phased Approach to Selling DaaS.”

About Jay McCall

Jay McCall is an award-winning journalist, editor, blogger, and digital content specialist who’s been covering the IT industry for 14 years. Jay’s editorial expertise covers topics such as managed services, wireless and mobility, data backup and recovery, networking, VoIP/unified communications, IP video surveillance, virtualization, security, and cloud computing. A techno-geek and entrepreneur at heart, Jay’s passion is conducting research and creating educational, thought-provoking content that helps drive the IT channel community to new levels of success.
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